An Unknown Encounter: A True Account of the San Pedro Haunting


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An Unknown Encounter: A True Account of the San Pedro Haunting
by Barry Conrad

An Unknown Encounter is the riveting, true and sometimes hair-raising account of what has become known on national television as The San Pedro Haunting. Author/filmmaker Barry Conrad has produced several documentaries dealing with this case which aired over the Sci-Fi Channel in 2003 garnering some of the highest ratings in cable TV history for its time-slot featured on the Tuesday Declassified series.

In 1989, the author along with several other paranormal researchers investigated a womans claims that her small bungalow was haunted by two ghosts: the apparition of a corpse-like old man and a disembodied head that manifested in her attic. Before long, the researchers round themselves under attack by unknown forces culminating in the attempted hanging of photographer Jeff Wheatcraft.

Besides documenting various poltergeist activities such as: human blood plasma, fairy lights and moving objects, the ghosthunters were vastly disturbed to find out that they the hunters are now the hunted!

First time in print, readers will be able to re-live this shocking and incredible story.

(2009, paperback, 352 pages)