Ancient Whisper


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Ancient Whisper
by S.J. Pasagic

Humans are versatile. Some are bad; some are good. Feral and Mysac Liv are very similar creatures. Both of them are descendants of Homo sapiens. But they are separated by an enormous span of space and time. Even though they were born as humane creatures, they will kill if persons disagree with them. They will kill if someone knows more than they do. And they will kill for the pure pleasure of making their victims suffer in agony. The only difference is their personal ability to kill many human beings with one "hit."

On one side, we have the big, ugly, monstrous Feral, who could tear apart any person, limb by limb, while that person was still alive. Feral deals with his prey one human being at a time.

On the other side of space and time, we have Mysac Liv who physically resembles those around him. But he is totally insane. Unfortunately, Mysac is an expert at hiding his insanity and not many people are aware of his craziness. Those who know keep their mouths shut out of fear.

To condemn the existing governments he hates, Mysac's mind orchestrates the deaths of more than two million people, just to incriminate Alacta, the First Leader.

About the Author

S. J. Pasagic was born in Yugoslavia, where he finished engineering school as a fitter and turner. Not satisfied with that job, he continued his education and earned a Diploma of Accountancy.

In 1969, he and his wife Lucy immigrated to Sydney, Australia. He could not work in accounting when he arrived in Australia because of the language barrier. So he worked as a fitter and turner and was promoted to drafting designer specialist, and from that position he eventually retired.

He and his wife are the proud parents of one daughter, Michelle, whom they adopted when she was only one month and three days old. Michelle went on to graduate college, get married, and now has two beautiful five-year-old twin boys.

Pasagic still lives in Sydney with his wife and enjoys spending his days reading, writing novels, and playing with his grandchildren.

(2011, paperback, 294 pages)