Apples: The Whole Story


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Apples: The Whole Story
by Kenneth Hargreaves

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of nutrition and have a lot of vitamins that we need to ensure that we live a healthy life. Everyone has their favorite fruit or vegetable that they like out of the many that are in existence. Kenneth L. Hargreaves takes a trip down memory lane by talking about apple recipes from his family, as well as the history of a variety of apples. During his tenure in the United States Navy, he would produce many entrees, salads, and desserts that would keep his shipmates happy. Many consumers have come to realize just how important fruits and vegetables really are and have started to grow their own using organic growing methods. Apples: The Whole Story will also share some delicious recipes that Kenneth has either produced or gathered over the years.

About the Author

Born in Warren, Ohio, and raised in Lorain, Ohio, Kenneth L. Hargreaves is a retired Navy Chief Culinary Specialist who served his country for twenty-four years. He has been around the world and has seen and experienced other cultures in their environment. He also owns a gift shop named Hargreaves Gifts ( His educational accomplishments include an associates degree in hotel management, an associates degree in business administration, a bachelors degree in operation management, a masters degree in education with an emphasis in curriculum and instruction, and he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in education with an emphasis in leadership in higher education. He is a people person who has worked in the hospitality industry for more than thirty years. During his research for the writing of this book, Kenneth L. Hargreaves took a job with the Metropolitan Transit Authority in San Diego, California as a bus operator for the purpose of getting passenger feedback on different foods that they like to eat. He currently teaches hospitality courses for the American Public University System, San Diego Hospitality Institute, Art Institute of San Diego, and San Diego Community College district. He enjoys sports, music, and buses.

(2011, paperback, 58 pages)