Armageddon in Pakistan: The Crisis of a Failed Feudal Economy


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Armageddon in Pakistan: The Crisis of a Failed Feudal Economy
by Khan

Khan the Friendly Ghost took out time to travel around the world, right at the time when the Tora Bora Mountains were being flushed to bring out Osama Bin Laden out of the caves.

Khan glided smoothly, near the Tora Bora vicinity, to another group of caves. There the saint was sitting cross-legged and in a trance. There was mutual recognition as if they had been destined to meet for a good cause.

It is in such settings that the two shared ideas and went into frequent trances to understand all the madness that was going around in Pakistan and Afghanistan for decades and did not seem to have a head or tail.

During one such long and painful meditation, the ghost of young Emperor Meiji arrived in all his patriotic majesty with a few Samurai warriors.

His Majesty then made all of us focus on the political economy of feudalism and the crisis in all aspects of social and material life of Pakistan, which was destroying the people of the country and was a threat to international peace of immeasurable proportions.

(2009, paperback, 216 pages)