Around Our Dinner Table

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Around Our Dinner Table
by Alice Marchak

A collection of twenty-seven short stories for the reader on the go, Around Our Dinner Table is sure to bring a smile and laugh to each readers face.

About the Author:

Alice Marchak was born in Taylor, Pennsylvania, and moved to Hollywood, California. She worked at Paramount Studio as Secretary to Director John Farrow for several years, two years for Producer Irving Asher, and then two years as Secretary to George Englund and Marlon Brando, Sr., Producers for Marlon Brandos film company Pennebaker before becoming Personal Assistant to Marlon. She left Paramount to work for Marlon in his home, and at her home office in Newport Beach where she still resides.

Alice has co-authored Supersecs with Linda Hunter, and has written the definitive books about the actor and her years as Personal Assistant and friend to Marlon, and guardian to his son, Christian, in her two books Me and Marlon and More Me and Marlon.

She also wrote Christmas: A Child is Born, and Easter: Hosanna in the Highest.

(2016, Paperback, 162 pages)