Around the world in 70 70

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Around the World in 70 Daysat 70
by Barbara Brodman

Here is an RTW itinerary that would challenge the youngest and hardiest traveler. So, how did a 70-year old woman have the audacity to design and set out on such an amazing adventure? If you want to be truly inspired and challenged, follow the adventure from start to finish. If 70 is the new 50, this is still just crazy!

Barbara, thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey. Your narrative is beautiful and wonderfully descriptive. You are an amazing and brave woman! --Blog Comment

This is wonderful! Its so overwhelmingly nonstop with great writing we cant wait to get the book (with photos).

I inhaled every word and am so jealous of your stamina!! Keep going and going and going.loved every word and cannot wait for the book!! --Blog Comment

All profits from the sale of this book go to GLOBAL AWARENESS INSTITUTE

(2016, Paperback, 210 pages)