Around the World on a Dollar a Day

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Around the World on a Dollar a Day
by Dallas Lokay

This is a true description of a young mans 61,000 mile globetrotting world adventure, hitchhiking through 49 countries with a rucksack on his back and $364 in his pocket. He zigzagged his way through Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, and through the heart of Africa-Cairo to Capetown overland. How Dallas accomplished this journey, despite encounters with Masia natives, Communist border guards, a raging blizzard on Mt. Kilimanjaro, being stranded in Iran, having to eat raw peanuts for three days, being a legal stowaway on an ocean liner, and meeting Prime Minister Nehru and General Jimmie Doolittle, are related in this book. All this on a dollar a day!

About the Author

Dallas has always had a passion for travel and at age fifteen began planning his world trip. His youth was split between sports, a tour in the Army, and studying about foreign countries, their people, religion, and social conditions. Despite shortage of funds and with the faith of family and friends, he started his journey. It represents his greatest and most memorable adventure of his life and found that people are friendly, helpful, and generous throughout the world.

Today, he and his wife reside near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and welcome the adventurous readers to reminisce about his vagabond trip on a shoestring.

(2012, paperback, 394 pages)