Attic World


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Attic World
by Sunshine

Wow! A forbidden door that leads to a very majestic world where evil and good fight to win. God has the upper hand in this world, but Lucifer is at his back door and he is playing with the faith of his follower, Ebus Jeremiah Writeworth. God calls in Lizzy Drew Jacobs to help with his plan. God knows Lizzy is sick, and he knows she is dying. Lizzy is to help Winston see he is needed in Gods plan, but God knows she cant do this alone, so he sends some other friends to help her.

Come join Lizzy, Jenny, Winston, Equor, Nigeria, Jones, Earl, Jeramy, Jennifer, and Jeffery in this adventure as they learn about friendship and the sacrifices that come with it.

About the Author

Prior to writing this book, I graduated from Marathon Central High in Upstate New York. I do part-time work in a childcare center. I go to church with my family every Sunday. I worked on my familys dairy farm until we had no money to keep the farm financially running. I took a two-semester teaching assistant class.

God made me a very unique person; he gave me a learning disability. It caused me to challenge myself to work better at everything. I wrote Attic World to show others the love and friendship you will have if you become friends with Jesus Christ.

(2009, paperback, 90 pages)