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by Paul M. Abdala

Author Paul M. Abdala has suffered from many disorders over much of his life. He realized the harder he worked, he was able to sustain a feeling of hope. His strategy for managing his disorders has been his strong belief in God, which led him to an endless number of doctors and therapists. Abdala lives his life by the prayer, Pray always for hope which takes away your worries.

Abdalas therapist of 25 years has driven him to write Awareness, which recounts his journey with his disorders. He encourages readers to not give up and remember Christ is always there.

About the Author:

Paul M. Abdala was born on March 31, 1960, in the small city of Coatesville, Pennsylvania. He lost his older sister, Anna, in 1990 to a disease similar to MS. He has an older and a younger brother. His father, Victor, was of Arabic descent and passed away in 1990, six months prior to Annas death, due to a brain tumor. His mother, Wanda, is 84 and healthy.

Abdalas father owned a beer distributer while Abdala was growing up and he would help out there after school. After 12 years at a Catholic school, Abdala attended Pierce Junior College for one year prior to dropping out due to his illness. In 1985, he was married and had three children; Paul, Christopher, and Robbie. Abdalas boys fill his heart with joy every day.

While Abdala is not currently working, he has held many different jobs over 25 years. He enjoys spending time with his children, bowling, fishing, and meditating. He feels his trials were chosen by his Father and he hopes his story can give you hope.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)