Basic Foundational Teachings of New Christians

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9503-9
by Joe W. Moore, Jr. Basic Foundational Teachings for New Christians provides Christian leaders with a complete package of outlined topics broken down into the simplest teaching and learning form, considered by the author to be vital to Christian growth. It provides leaders with a resource that is comprehensive in study and helps to bring to the forefront critical issues that are often missed or neglected in the early stages of becoming a Christian believer. Basic Foundational Teachings for New Christians is enlightening and brings sound doctrinal teaching to the forefront. When one is enlightened with Truth, no doubt it will bring joy to ones life. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Joe W. Moore, Jr. was born to Joe and Christine Huston-Moore on October 4, 1963, in Gifford, Florida, where he resided until the age of seventeen. The oldest of three siblings, he graduated from Vero Beach High School and entered into the U. S. Army in September 1981, where he served for more than nineteen years before retiring at the rank of Master Sergeant on February 1, 2001. Mr. Moore gave his life to the Lord Jesus on January 24, 1993, and was ordained into the ministry in 1997. (2005, paperback, 90 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.