Behold I Come Quickly: Poems, Prophecy, and Principles


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Behold I Come Quickly: Poems, Prohpecy and Principles

by Jeff Durant

Behold I Come Quickly is a book of inspired poetry and writings. The message of the poetry and writings range from prophetic events, such as the return of Jesus Christ to the principles of living Gods way though the difficulties of life. The book holds a word from God to our nation, the church as the body of Christ, and to each individual person. While the book holds a warning for our nation and speaks of the power and authority of God, it also tells of His great love for us and the answers He has for our prosperity and well-being.

About the Author

I, the author, am from Eastern Texas, and have spent a long career in forestry and wildland fire. I am actively involved in outreach and mission work at home and abroad, as well as other ministries. I have a deep love and appreciation for our nation and its freedom. I spent years of my life believing that God was real, praying to Him at times, and attending church when it suited me, but all without having a true day-to-day relationship with Him. In the midst of a life crisis, I cried out to Him and asked for His help. He showed me just how real His power and love could be, and began a life-transforming work in me. I know that same love and power is there for others, as well as a solution to all of lifes problems.

(2009, paperback, 60 pages)