Bernie or Bust


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Bernie or Bust

By: @BernieOrBust with Patrick Walker

About the Book

Author @BernieOrBust and Patrick Walker started the Bernie or Bust movement of 2016. This book is an effort to tell the story of how they accomplished this feat and to correct the record of distortion created by the media about the movement. The authors include a manifesto for their movement going forward. They want readers to understand the need for revolution in the U.S. and to join the #leverage movement.

Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt provides a unique look at the initiation and operation of a grassroots political campaign that gives a remarkably nuts and bolts picture which will be of interest to other activists, to voters and to all those who want to better comprehend the provocative dynamics of the recent election.


About the Author

Author @BernieOrBust cut his teeth with political activism during the nuclear freeze movement of the 1980s. When the Citizens United v. FEC decision was handed down, he became involved in the movement to get an amendment passed by Congress to make it clear money is not speech and corporations should not have the rights of human beings. He served in 2014 as the statewide coordinator in New York for Move to Amend, and in 2016 he attended the press conference held in Albany to announce that the legislature had made NY the 17th state to call on Congress to pass such an amendment. Building the nationwide Bernie or Bust movement was a labor of love for him


Patrick Walker—a political revolutionary, activist, strategist and writer—is also co-founder of Revolt Against Plutocracy, the co-creator of the Bernie or Bust pledge and, most recently, a founding member of the Progressive or Bust movement. A veteran anti-fracking and Occupy activist, his writings have appeared in CounterPunch, Salon, Truthdig, OpEdNews and Nation of Change.


(2018, Paperback, 316 pages)