Black Rock Isle

ISBN: 978-0-8059-7331-0
by Garrett Edwards-Modster Germany, April 21, 1939, the early days of World War II. Benjamin and his adolescent friends have been in the Hitler Youth Group all their lives. But the Fuhrer has been told there is a powerful, ancient medicine like no one could ever fathom that native Indians called the Comanche have possessed for hundreds of years. A medicine so powerful and effective that it can change the tide of the entire war in Hitlers favor. His right-hand man, Heinrech, sends Basil, Benjamins father, to take Benjamin and the children of the Youth Group along with SS soldiers on a ship to sneak along the border of America to seek out the Comanche and acquire the medicine. A Commanche chief elder hides his people on the same ship, hoping to escape death with the help of Basil. Word spreads to Heinrech that Indians are being smuggled to Germany. He and his soldiers destroy the ship and abandon the children to the fate of the sea. Benjamin and the others are washed far away from home and civilization as they know it on a cursed island. The island is littered with both amazing and deadly creatures, but the children must learn to tolerate each other if they are to survive. They quickly learn what it feels like to be betrayed by the closest of friends, what it means to truly love, hate, and kill, but more importantly, the strong bonds of friendship. And at the same time, they must evade the eyes of the natives who have accepted cannibalism as part of their religion. Benjamin and the children must struggle to find a way out and find hope once more, but many believe hope is already lostor is it? ABOUT THE AUTHOR I am a sixteen year old from Los Angeles. My mother is a teacher in Watts who loves her job, and my father works in a cubicle at the famous company known as IBM. Im a lovable, friendly guy, whose hobbies include basketball, surfing the internet, andoh, yesgirls. But I dont consider writing a hobby because to me, its more like a job I do and invest in every day, like school work. Currently, I go to a charter school called View Park Preparatory Charter High School. Before, I went to University High School. When I was younger, I detested reading and was hooked on sports and that clever black box known as the television. Writing didnt cross my mind until I was forced by my English teacher to read a classic book of which I thought could use a little more excitement and imagination. A book that my fellow peers despised and detested, like sitting down for two hours in an assembly listening to some guy give a speech about college and condoms. And that book was known as (drum roll, please!) The Lord of the Flies. (2007, paperback, 258 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.