Black Rock Spirit 1


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Black Rock Spirit
by W.A. Glavas

Life as hed known it had come to a bitter end when Dans beautiful young wife, Jean, died at the hands of an uncaring drunk driver. Two torturous years would pass before hed seek the peace of mind he so sorely needed. Such tranquility would only be found once hed lost himself in the quiet expanses of the Arizona Desert.

Dan would find much more than the tranquility he sought; thered be newfound riches and adventure along with danger and the love of two very different and exciting women.

About the Author

With the exception of being thrown from a rooftop, most incidents and confrontational situations depicted in this book were actual occurrences experienced by the author during the years he spent working in the high-crime areas of East and West Harlem, New York.

Throughout these times, ducking bricks, bottles, and bullets rapidly became a daily pastime. It was a rather challenging but deadly sport. Any appearance of fear or benevolence on his part could and probably would bring about deadly results. The author is an accomplished gold prospector, having experienced gold finds in many areas located in the lower United States and Alaska.

(2008, paperback, 280 pages)