Blue Eyes


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Blue Eyes
by G.G. Heaton

Jacky Chessington walks on a razors edge, between the law and the underworld, compromised at every turn, battling to stay alive. After the death of his best friend he vows to bring down the drugs barons in his city. Intelligent and streetwise, he is also cold and calculating.

With racial tension high, the city is on the edge of chaos. A deadly drug is hitting the streets, and drug lord, Hassim, is hunting down his competitors. With Daniels, a brutal contractor, and Docharty, an ex-IRA arsonist and assassin, he has built his criminal empire all over the country, but now someone else is muscling in, looking to take over his kingdom. Blue Eyes is the key - but who is this Blue Eyes?

About the Author

Beginning writing in his late teens, Graham G. Heaton completed several books including poetry, but did not promote them widely. He has spent over thirty years working in the insurance and finance industry, in sales and management, often working in difficult areas. He is married with three children and two step-children. During his marriage he began painting, selling his paintings on a regular basis, and began following another passion, renovating houses. On reaching his fiftieth birthday he and his wife decided to change lifestyles and now spend time living in Scotland and Bulgaria where he is currently renovating a house. He has begun writing again, currently working on a horror/thriller and a sequel to Blue Eyes.

(2010, paperback, 284 pages)