Bob-O: The Future Is Static

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The Future is Static
by Paul Stefanik

What if there were an agency devoted to ensuring the disparity and conflict continued? What if that agency was secretly funded by our own government? If you knew what was going on and could change it, but at the expense of your own life, would you?

Bob-0 and Maury are psychics, chained since birth to the Crown, an agency that works to erode human rights and further empower those already in the upper echelons.

Then there's Erin. Since she was a young girl she's had the ability to read minds, but has sought to suppress it. She learns of the Crown and is drawn in, but doesn't suspect the true motives of the Machiavellian establishment she's lured into. How long before the veneer slips, and will she be able to get away when that time comes?

Bob-0 is part denouncement of politics, part conspiracy theory and, deep within its core, the story of one man trying to understand the value of truth in a world that would prefer to remain oblivious.

About the Author

If any word defines Paul Stefaniks life it would eclectic. He spent fourteen years working with the mentally ill, eight of those years on locked units in the state hospital. Later he worked in a local funeral home. Amidst all of that he worked as a stringer for a small weekly newspaper writing community interest stories, as the overnight staff at a convenience store of Friday and Saturday nights, and now writes for as their Providence Parks Examiner.

Stefaniki lives in southeastern Massachusetts with his wife and daughter, who he refers to as an unstoppable force for destruction.

The concept of Bob-0 grew out of extensive research into various conspiracy theories and the realization that very rarely are they written by anyone involved in the events that transpired.

(2012, paperback, 136 pages)