Book of Stories: An Adventurer's Guide


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Book of Stories: An Adventurer's Guide
by Jerry Olawole

Ever heard of the salt factor? Find out how auto engineer Henry Donald stumbles into the scary world of the mob and discovers a whole new use of the white substance.

Join the intriguing world of Bayo Adewale, a banker who, after surviving a fatal auto crash, experiences a supernatural life-changing episode that opens his eyes to a world in peril with help from a special friend. Find out what one banker could possibly know about saving the world.

Book of Stories is a spinning carousel of tales, from stories of crime and desperation, to evil sorcerers and witty youngsters. Its simply a treasure chest of stories for the adventuring mind.

About the Author

After surviving a fatal auto accident, author Jerry .O. Olawole (B.Sc), is inspired to tell stories and share his world of fantasy with us. He is inspired by his environment and combines great storytelling skills with a creative imagination to tell interesting stories. He comes from an average middle-class family in Nigeria, West Africa.

(2011, paperback, 210 pages)