Born Innocent


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Born Innocent
by Dale K. Nelson

What happens when a terrorist leader gains access to the personal information of an American attorney and the terrorist decides to run for Congress under the name of the attorney, Richard Jeffries? The terrorist wins the election, and he becomes a member of Congress. Read how the terrorist was able to secure the personal information and who helped him gain access to it.

After reading this book, the reader may be wary of anyone seeking office. The reader may also question the reasons why the individual is getting involved in the political process. The reader then may question whether this could actually happen. It will enlighten the reader to continue to stay as informed as possible with those who seek office and seek power in the government. Fortunately, Richard Jeffries prevails at the conclusion of the book.

About the Author

Dale K. Nelson was raised in Union County, New Jersey, and he has lived there all his life. He attended and graduated from the Roselle school system, graduating from high school in 1961. Dale attended Rutgers University for two years, and he earned his baccalaureate degree in accounting from Bloomfield College. He earned his license as a CPA and practiced for over thirty years as a certified public accountant.

After working for three public accounting firms, he took a position with the State Board of Accountancy. Working there, he was able to commute by train. This gave him the opportunity to do a lot of reading. He became a fan of several authors, including Pat Conroy, Ken Follett, and David Baldacci. This game him the desire to write a novel of his own. With his interest in politics and current events, he developed the story Born Innocent, which includes intrigue, action, and other aspects of a political thriller.

Dale was married for thirty-six years to his wife, Patricia, who died in 2005. He has a son and daughter, and he currently has four granddaughters.

(2009, paperback, 202 pages)