Can You Suppose -- Dogs in Clothes?


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Can You Suppose -- Dogs in Clothes?
by Areta Frost

I created this story to share the joy of pets and inspire responsible ownership in children. School children have judged my story, from K through 7, and laughter echoes relative to their ages and level of understanding.

Art projects have produced paper doll clothes for dogs. Many children then drew their own dogs and clothes enlarging on the theme.

Youngsters understand feeling lost, weak, or vulnerable and share the same need to belong with dogs and cats.

I wrote this story as a light-hearted approach to a serious problem of animal abandonment.

About the Author

Home is a Jurassic Period high desert bowl encircled by corrugated mountains and vibrant wraparound sky. I am a retired city girl who always worked while raising three sons, often moving them to where the jobs were. Now in Nevada, I have found my own power to create, paint, etch, write, and collect abandoned animals.

Walker River Reservation offers beauty and inspiration interlinked and boundless. A Paiute medicine man said to me, Your totem is spider. I was aghast until he added, Spider is good. She weaves people together.

Personally, I had wanted to be wolfcrazy, aloof, and beautiful. I had worked for Alaska and Montana wolf protection for years and wrote the successful 2002 book The Watcher: The Wolf Who Would See Tomorrow. But when not writing or weaving webs, I now create intaglio (etchings into hard surfaces) inspired by the rock art of the ancient ones, which I help monitor.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)