Capture Your Dream


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Capture Your Dream
by Elizabeth S. Lawrence

Do you really know what you want in life?
Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished so far?
Are you fulfilling your dreams?

Capture Your Dream shows you how to

Find what your dream is and make it happen.
Know three simple steps to achieve your dream effortlessly.
Decide what you are willing to give up and get what you want.
Learn the three basic universal laws and make your life full of adventure.

Once you made the commitment to do exactly what this book says and what it suggests, you will capture your dream!

About the Author

Elizabeth S. Lawrence devotes most of her time to her own personal ministry of growth and development. Her obsessive passion and infectious enthusiasm capture peoples heart wherever she goes.

As a registered nurse, human behavior consultant, and life and health coach, people from all walks of life benefit from her genuine caring and compassionate attitude and are empowered by her in their journey to the spiritual desert.

She speaks at seminars, conferences, and conventions and conducts live training workshops in different places. She lives in Bermuda.

(2010, paperback, 136 pages)