Cast in the Brightest Shadows

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Cast in the Brightest Shadows
by William Lawton

Like a collection of leaves, Cast in the Brightest Shadows fell one poem at a time from the forest of my youth into the opening windows of my meditations on middle age, as if I were reliving my youth by riding in a car through a surrealistic forest, with the car being guided by a ghost with spiny fingers.

Paintings, seraphim, forest creatures, and forgotten victories are among the ghosts and other creatures marching, unwatched, through the dusty streets of Cast in the Brightest Shadows.

Without regard to details and refurbishings, these poems are arrayed throughout the corners of my mind like pictures without frames or waterfalls without charts.

Read, reader, and dont forget that one day, you too will shine like a Vermeer painting.

About the Author

William Lawton is the son of a leader of Ethical Humanist Societies in Chicago and Westchester County, New York. The author finished high school in 1976 and has since worked as a music teacher, warehouse manager, office worker, and an extra in films, and he has traveled to England, Canada, India, and Italy where, upon visiting Il Duomo in Florence, felt so overwhelmed that he walked out of the building before sixty seconds had expired, feeling like a tiny bubble in a universe of inspiration.

As a volunteer, Lawton has worked with the homeless and at a Red Cross and has studied architectural and engineering drawing, his best subject in school being biology, and tutoring the other students.

Drawn to spirituality like a moth to a flame, the author studies songwriting part-time and is the artist for the cover work of Cast in the Brightest Shadows.

(2009, paperback, 54 pages)