Chakras: Introduction to the Seven Major Energy Centers

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9144-4
by Dorothea Orleen Grant How does energy and information circulate in and out of the body? The Chakras are sometimes referred to as the wheel of light. They are very important in the operation of the human energetic system. The Chakras are junction points where energy and information circulate in and out of the body, depending on the persons experiences, both positive and negative. This book can assist in the understanding of the basic function of this energetic system that unites us all. Becoming awakened to the Chakras will start what I call the journey home to yourself. May light and love surround you always. Blessings. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dorothea Orleen Grant was born in St. James, Montego Bay, Jamaica West Indies. In 1984, she came to America. She is a Metaphysician, a Reiki Master Teacher Shaman, and a birth doula. She has been the owner and managing director of Dogca Universal Wellness since 1999. Dogca is a Healing Arts Society located in Midland Park, New Jersey. At the center, Dorothea teaches and assists others in their personal growth and healing. Dorothea has written a poem entitled Light, which is published in the International Library of Poetry, and a book entitled The Silence Within. An avid hiker, Dorothea loves to read, learn new things, spend time with nature, and cook. She enjoys people and the beautiful experiences life offers. (2006, paperback, 42 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.