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by Tiffany Cheung

Does a legend begin from a prophecy? Or is it written as you go?

Keladry Lebrasca and Damien Ayer were chosen to reveal what is hidden underneath a planet of secrets and lies, and what they find is nothing even close to what they had imagined.

As unlikely as it seems, these two teenagers share the same unbelievable story. Luck had saved them both far too many times, to bring them to an entirely unfamiliar surrounding; Falladorre.

Falladorre is a Chess school nestled in the hills of the unknown planet Zee, but it is much more than just an ancient palace. Falladorre is a unique boarding school where not just chess, literature textbooks and documentaries are being taught. Two Zeains, bold, daring and not melted into their routine-thriving society, see beyond the plain world of Zee.

As the manipulation and deceit unfolds, it becomes pretty obvious that Zee will not hold up on its own. So, who will wear the crown for the next generation? Or will they lose their opportunity to something less valuable, yet more rewarding? In the end, one will have to fall, so that the other can pick up the race again.

The question remains: who?

About the Author

As soon as Tiffany could pick up a pencil, she has not stopped writing. At age 12, she began her first novel in the Blue Break series. And after months of dedicated hard work, Checkmate! was born. Tiffany was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently lives with her parents, her sister Tiana, and her cat Minnie.

(2010, hardcover, 118 pages)