Chino and the Bug

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Chino and the Bug
by James Hagseth

Chino and his sister Cheka are Carbuncles who live deep in the forest of Condo Tera, a beautiful and peaceful land filled with fun things to do and many wonderful places to explore. However, one day when they were out getting drinks, their peace was shattered. Cheka was kidnapped by a giant dragonfly. Chino is forced into swift action to save his sister. He must travel far across the land and face many new and frightening foes in order to save his sister, but before he can save her, he must do battle with the worst thing he has ever encountered.

Join Chino as he faces terrifying heights and diabolical, mad bugs, travels through unknown places in Condo Tera, and makes new and unusual friends along the way.

This is a story that will entertain readers for many years to come.

About the Author

James Hagseth grew up and currently resides in the lake country of Idaho. With magnificent mountain vistas around his small town home and wilderness only a few minutes from the driveway, he had plenty of inspiration and opportunity while growing up to develop his own set of characters and friends with whom to spend time. James began his writing to share his special friends with others so they can enjoy their adventures just like James has.

James is an avid reader with a book collection in the hundreds and growing. He enjoys wildlife, wilderness, and the many simple things life has to offer. He is quite a skilled gamer and is always looking for a new way to enjoy.

What you hold in your hands is just the start of what James has in store for Chino and all of his interesting friends.

(2012, paperback, 38 pages)