Chosen to Be Different

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Chosen to Be Different
by Kimi.Nique Williams

As a third grade child in public school, Kimi.Nique Williams fell in love with the art of written expression. Motivated by The Seedlings: Young Writers in the Caddo Parish Schools, a book of poetry, the authors desire to write was birthed. Opportunity was presented to express the thoughts and talents of the young writer. Although her submissions were never printed in the books local collection of students poetry, the author never stopped writing. Presented in the citys local ArtBreak talent festival during middle school years, the author was given another opportunity to display her talent through visual art and writing. Inspired by Maya Angelo, Langston Hughes, William Shakespeare and Nikki Giovanni, the author became open-minded to other viewpoints and styles of writing.

Throughout high school onto adulthood, the author challenged herself to do more with her writing by composing her own collection of books. This is the first part of the accomplishment. Chosen to Be Different possesses diverse styles and subjects of writing. The words, private thoughts, and creative expressions of Kimi.Nique Williams are very intriguing and heartfelt in this collection of transformed writing. Using artistic and witty ideas and various moments in time, the author hopes to grasp your attention and desire to navigate through the pages. With a clever prospective on the different changes and emotions one goes through in life.... memories made, triumphs and losses, and absolute determination to be successful makes this book of creative works a must-read.

The diversity Kimi.Nique Williams has shown within these pages of this book touches on a wide range of situations that are entertaining and easy to relate to.

(2016, Paperback, 130 pages)