Close to Death


Close to Death

By: M. Antoine Louis-Jacques, M.D.

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About the Book

Close to Death was inspired by the many Medical mishaps, corruption and unbridled power witnessed within the Medical community. Ultimately, the spin put forth during the OJ Simpson trial gave rise to this novel and our intrepid character Dr. Bill Presser, a gregarious and overly flirtatious Anesthesiologist who gets mixed up in a series of sexual exploits, murders, including the attempt on his wife, while lacking a clear alibi. Will the smooth talker be able to schmooze his way out of being framed for these crimes or will the real mastermind and his motif be discovered in time to keep him from a state sponsored execution?


About the Author

M. Antoine Louis-Jacques, M.D. is the eleventh of thirteen children from his loving parents, Charles and Saturna. He is a first generation emigrant from Port-au Prince, Haïti. His family relocated to Brooklyn, New York, where he eventually received a bachelor’s degree in Biology at The City College of New York. He received his Degree in Medicine, from the University of California at San Diego and subsequently completed his studies as an Anesthesiologist at the Martin Luther King Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He had a front row seat to the events that unfolded during the Rodney King unrest and the OJ Simpson trial. Both events played a significant part in this novel. Dr. Louis-Jacques, a passionate golfer and a voracious reader, currently practices Anesthesia in Arizona and is working on completing the trilogy to Close to Death.

 (2017, Paperback, 154 pages)