Clouds, Rain


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Clouds, Rain
by Maria Maris

After reading some of my poems, a friend said, You must not hide your darkness under a bushel any longer. So now, for the first time, I am sharing them.

Clouds, Rain is a personal journey. The first poems, also called Clouds, Rain, reflect the remembrance of joys beyond loss and the death of memory. Life, Etc. speaks of the tyranny of time and inexorable change and Early Fire of youthful passion and its end. Arf-Arf (obviously, doggerel) includes some barks and nips at the human comedy. Otros Mares (Other Seas) was written in Spanish during Marias years in Mexico. These poems reflect love and loneliness in another culture.

About the Author

Maria Maris has not had an even lifea gypsy great-grandmother, childhood in Slovakia, returning to America six weeks before the Nazi occupation, Phi Beta Kappa and High Honors from Douglas College with a thesis on the Spanish poet Federico Garca Lorca and a post-grad fellowship to the Universidad Nacional in Mexico, where she fell in love with a culture and stayed fourteen years; in between, a stint as a stewardess for Pan American Airlines. She is the translator of the American Philosopher Kenneth Burkes The Rhetoric of Religion for the Fondo De Cultura Economica Press.

The writer is now seventy-eight and lives with her husband in view of the sea.

(2010, paperback, 82 pages)