Cold Sweat: (The Strange Misadventures of Grandpa Chas, Professor Clem, and Others)

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Cold Sweat
by Peter Linzmeyer

Absolutely hilarious!

Chas Lingoober is a skinny kid who is knee high to a grasshopper and thinks he knows a lot about most everything. His hometown of North Bucklore is populated by a bunch of sketchy, but mostly harmless, personalities who resemble characters in the readers own town. As the wildly humorous short stories and illustrations reveal, Chas lands in trouble at every turn: while trying to fix a cuckoo clock given to his mother as a wedding gift by her dear Aunt Edna; attending a concert performed by the volunteer North Bucklore Symphony Orchestra (who else but Chas would get into trouble at a concert?); running an errand to Buddhas sausage shop; or engaging in other activities, which for most kids his age would be non-eventful but not for Chas.

About fifty years later, we meet Chas as a grandpa with the same embarrassing characteristics. Grandpa Chas cannot seem to get it quite right, whether putting up and decorating the Lingoober Christmas tree or running a simple errand involving his daughters wedding dress.

Also included in the illustrated stories are the adventures of Professor Clem and his wife, Hilda, who thinks the good Professor is a fruitcake and other North Bucklore dignitaries. Find out how he deals with the impending end of the world and other momentous situations. A selection of Peters poems, also presented with his brothers amusing drawings, delightfully complements the short stories in this very entertaining book. Readers of every age will find someone in the stories who is not so unlike a family member, school buddy, fellow employee, or member of a local sports or social club.

About the Author:

Author Peter Linzmeyer is known for his sense of humor. Each of his stories and poems contains a kernel of truth which, with a large dose of witty exaggeration, morphs into a ridiculously funny apocryphal account. Peters brother, Tom, has been able to catch the essence of this humour in his illustrations. The brothers grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where humor and laughter sometimes got them into trouble, but mostly it was helpful to navigate the challenges of growing up in a large family in a small town. Peters day job is that of legal counsel for an international company. Tom is the owner of a commercial printing brokerage.

(2016, Paperback, 216 pages)