Color Rhythms of the Universe


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Color Rhythms of the Universe
by A. Meyer

Rhythm underlies the pulsing of the heart,
It punctuates the music of a song.
Reverberations of energy and sound
Fill the atmosphere with well-being.
In flower-decked vases and in swirling planets,
The rhythm of life and death defies explanation.

Color may soften or threaten to upset the natural balance.
People or robots may stare or participate in the happenings.
Others actively seek to change the course of events.

Neptune, Wotan, or God will have none of this
The rhythm of nature dances to its own tune.
A man may change the colors for a time;
But none may outlive the color rhythms of the universe.

About the Author

Growing up, Annette Meyer was an avid readera reader of comic books and comic strips, along with the mystery tales of Edgar Allen Poe and the science fiction of H. G. Wells. Firing her imagination were the legends of mythical heroes such as those told in music and prose by Richard Wagner in his four-part opera series of the Niebelung Ring.

Unlikely sources of inspiration about the shapes and forms of the human body came from brochures about what a 99-pound weakling needs to do to look like Charles Atlas and the calendar art of Petty.

Grown up, Annette Meyer continues to search for new forms of expression in color and line on paper. After years spent with oil and canvas, pencil or pen and ink for various exhibitions in New York City and elsewhere, the artist decided to write books for others to read and, perhaps, to be inspired in turn.

(2011, paperback, 50 pages)
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