Come Fly with Me


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Come Fly with Me
by J. T. Odneal

The book of poems, Come Fly with Me, was written over the lifetime of the author. It is a wide variety of poems selected to appeal to a variety of interests: philosophical, political, fantastical, historical, loving, reflecting, and past times that everyone can interpret as they please.

About the Author

The author was raised by a loving, caring, hard-working ranch family in the Bookcliff and Grand Mesa area of the Western Slope of Colorado. He attended grad school, high school, and college in the Grand Valley of Colorado and is most appreciate of the Mount Lincoln Grade School. His life has been spent as an entrepreneur, mostly in the livestock and real estate business. He is now 80 years old and retired, with his home base as Tombstone, Arizona.

(2011, hardcover, 130 pages)