Coming Out of the Dark

by La Shawn Logan Abused physically and mentally by her maternal aunt, a fourteen-year-old girl must resort to pandering, and pushing drugs so that she can survive on the streets of Los Angeles. This is a girl who desperately wanted and needed to be respected and loved, and she is determined to make something of her life just because her aunt said she couldnt. Join La Shawn as she weaves a gripping story of one Coming out of the Dark. Dope dealer? Pimp? Author of a best-selling book? Which will she turn out to be? ABOUT THE AUTHOR A thirty-something-year-old lesbian, La Shawn was abused as a child. She saw firsthand how growing up in a negative environment can leave a child feeling unloved, untrusting, unfeeling, and insecure. At fifteen, she chose to break the cycle so she could love, live, and let go. In her spare time she is writing the next two volumes of this story, Behind Bars and Second Chance. She resides in Los Angeles. (2005, paperback, 76 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.