ISBN: 978-0-8059-9425-4
by David Mills A man driven to suicide engages in a calculated Confession, written in the form of a letter to a friend, in which he relives his accomplishments and his downfalls, all in an effort to justify the decision to take his own life. Married at an early age, he has an affair. With the birth of his first child, he begins to question his identity. He takes to drinking, which leads to divorce. Married again and now a truck driver, he is away from home for long periods of time, ending his second marriage. Road relationships are a bitter pill. He wrestles with his emotionswhy cant he find contentment? As the reader is witness to this detailed Confession, the narrator moves back and forth in time as author David Mills uses his story to enlighten and provoke thought. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Living in Washington State near the Columbia River with his wife and son, Sebastian, David Mills has traveled throughout forty-eight states and five Canadian provinces gathering knowledge and information to expand his literary career. While his stories are fiction, he uses his experience to add realism. When not writing or traveling, the author is on the river in his sailboat. (2004, paperback, 236 pages)