Cop Warriors


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Cop Warriors
by Peter Chua HT

During the late 1800s, lawlessness was rampant, and people lived in a world of fists and fear. Gangs were formed and grew, fighting with rivals to prove their strength. The strongest gang dominated the whole territory. Master Pai Kia, a notorious gangster, held the position of governor, and the common people were placed at his mercy. He constantly harassed the small, neighboring village of Coconut Tree Valley with intentions to take over the place.

However, a brotherhood of fair-minded pugilists headed by two well known Grandmasters, Keng Niam and Jeet Chai, lived in the village. They refused to kowtow to Pai Kias relentless attacks. When Kengs wife and Jeets fiance were kidnapped, the warriors were greatly insulted and attacked Pai Kias forces.

About the Author

I grew up in a small village with a slow and simple lifestyle. I studied up to college level and joined the Singapore Armed Forces when I was nineteen years old. The training was tough but memorable.

I married at the age of twenty-three to a beautiful woman, and we have six children. At present, I am fifty-four years old. My work life has given me many different experiences. I have been a laborer, a bank clerk, a pastor, self-employed, a customer service officer, a taxi-driver, and a tutor. After I turned fifty, there was a lull in my life. I began to read avidly, giving my creativity free rein. I decided to put my thoughts into words.

(2010, paperback, 100 pages)