Cousin Joey: Family Lessons Simply Italian


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Cousin Joey: Family Lessons Simply Italian
by Joseph Iaciofano

The inspiration and message of the book came from the fortitude of the authors grandparents and relatives. It tells about the hard times of growing up with little money and learning to deal with it.

The book explains how growing up in a tight-knit community with values shapes and molds you into the person you become. The book recounts the important things you learn from your family. It was written with love, passion, and humor. It tells you not everyone had heat, hot water, etc.

About the Author

Joseph Iaciofano was born in Cranston, RI and has lived in Rhode Island all his life. His passion for real estate began as a child and still remains after a forty-eight-year career of buying, selling, and developing.

The book is a tribute to his friends and relatives he grew up with. He now can see his values have rubbed off on his siblings. His hopes are that the book will rekindle the warm memories of all others who read it. His sense of humor shows itself in almost every paragraph. It also tells of many Italian foods. Read it. Youll like it. I guarantee it.

(2011, paperback, 60 pages)