Crazy: Collection of Short Stories and Poems


by Liana Margiva Is it truly better to have lost love than to never to have loved at all? Author Liana Margiva has written this collection of poems and short stories to explore the question. You will meet passionate women who risk everything to find their hearts desires. You will experience both their rapture and their heartache. You will journey to locales ranging from an ordinary town to exotic islands and even other planets. This collection will stir within you the depths of feelings experienced by its characters. You will take an emotional journey that soars the heights and plumbs the depths of the human heart and the soul the fuels it. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Liana Margiva is a native of Ossetia, Russia, who has lived in the U.S. Margiva graduated from Russian University of Writers in Moscow. She works as a writer and is the only translator to translate the works of Dostoyevsky from Russian into Ossetion. Her books have been published throughout Russia. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, cooking, and traveling. (2002, paperback, 140 pages)