D?Ÿ??j?Ÿ?ÿ vu


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Dj vu
by Kyleigh Rousseau

Aquela and Sundance have been together and loved each other in totality since before the creation of this world. Many times they are born in the same time period on the same planet. Other times, generations and ages pass where they miss each other, each feeling an integral emptiness they cannot define, as their memory of the other is elusive. They find each other again in this day and age and recall ancient familiarity. Soon, however, Aquelas spirit is captured by evil entities from a much higher dimension, and that which looks like him is, in fact, a spirit from the realm of darkness. Sundance receives permission to travel through time, space, and unknown parallel dimensions to find him and be reunited to him. She experiences a multitude of different worlds and many powerful ethereal beings of terrible evil, as well as Angels, Centurions and Heavenly Bodies. She scribes her travels to Aquela in the form of a letter.

About the Author

Kyleigh Rousseau lives in Cape Town with her husband, Glenn. They both have an affinity for animals and the poor. For many years they rehabilitated small wild animals, particularly bats but also meercats, shrews, moles, and birds of prey. Between them they have four beautiful children.

(2011, paperback, 62 pages)