Dance My Child: A Story for All Humanity


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Dance My Child: A Story for All Humanity
by Patty Hansen

Dance My Child is a frank, revealing look at the miracle of a life left thriving in the wake of manic depression.

The author describes her tears, laughter, and the dare-devil-bring-it-on attitude contributing to eight marriages and between four and a hundred suicide attempts.

This story was written for every life touched by this disease and for those who love them.

The title refers to the inner child dancing within us all. This compelling account offers a way to access that happy child.

About the Author

Patty has an affinity for animals, which became clear when, after a school carnival, she came home with fourteen goldfish and a stray dog.

Her zoo now consists of three parrots, one Saint Bernard cross, an orange cat and his four feral friends, a tortoise named Ernie, and four beehives.

Her innocent love for the world and irresistible sense of humor are a breath of fresh air.

The author lives on the Central Coast of California, where she still barbers, trains animals, walks on the beach, and has the time of her life.

(2010, paperback, 234 pages)