Dark Dynasty Thy Cursed Family Legacy

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Dark Dynasty Thy Cursed Family Legacy
by Bernadette Carington

Dark Dynasty Thy Cursed Family Legacy touches on other facets of the paranormal realm such as witches, warlocks, spirits, werewolves, beasts, demons, and demon hunters; oh my! It also includes the everyday mundane people who make up the other half of this family tree. The story is based in Wales because it is forgotten and overlooked. Author Bernadette Caringtons fathers family is from Wales, which is the other reason that she chose Wales for this book.

About the Author:

Author Bernadette Carington was the last to leave home. When going to Victoria they would go to the wax museum. She and her youngest daughter go to plays and other cultural events. Carington tried to teach her children the same love for the arts that her parents taught her while she was growing up. She and her father would spend hours in the old local library. She and her mother would do spectral extraditions; for anyone that need their help. Her mother was also the city police psychic; she helped them with their cases that they could not handle on their own. She and her youngest daughter have the misfortune to be able to hear see and talk to spirits. Some people call it gift, but they call it a curse.

(2016, Paperback, 134 pages)