Dark Wind

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Dark Wind
by Shelley Phoenix Riesing

Shelley Phoenix Riesing writes in free verse. There are the very deep and fearful lines that will make you wonder why the Phaoenix? She leads you through your deepest emotions to a reason to carry on. You will be enlightened to realize things about yourself and others in a different light. The Phoenix is in yourself. You can rise out of anything when you learn you are as human as others. You will find something to believe in, in Dark Wind: A Journey to a Phoenix. Find a part of you.

About the Author

Shelley Phoenix Riesing lived most of her life in southeastern Wisconsin. Shelley grew up believing that We the People of all lands could build World Peace. With hope and care we can resolve situations that build big problems in the world. If we practice to find reason other than fault we can change minds while we learn to compromise and respect.

Shelley is a loving mother with her youngest, still barely a minor.

Shelley started writing when she was fourteen. While raising her kids alone there never seemed enough time to finish her writing.

(2013, paperback, 48 pages)