Darling Bugs

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Melanie Goeth

DARLING BUGS is filled with endearing and child-like creatures. Told from the bug-perspective of the Darlin Bug, DARLING BUGS follows the preparations of Mrs. Natalina, a human public speaker as she prepares for an event. Darlin Bug and her family learn the values of gratitude, and courage.

As the Darling Bug Family learns about these values, they also learn about their significance in dealing with cancer. The bugs and their animal friends come to understand the importance of faith, courage and teamwork in daily like and in dealing with patient care. As Melanie Goeths characters learn and grow, so to will the reader.

About the Author

Melanie Goeth is a life-long resident of Texas. There she has raised her three children. Melanie is president of the Polley Assocation, and is an avid public-speaker. Love of all children is the motivating force behind her writing. DARLING BUGS is her first published work.

(2012, paperback, 56 pages)