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by Ray Foster

Death, Dying, and the Time Traveler is a collection of short stories. These stories are told by the Time Traveler, who is sent to Earth from another universe.

The Time Traveler was genetically created to be Caucasian. As he grows up, his makeup has gradually changed and he has become a man of color.

When Madonna, the commander-in-chief of the high council of Alexis, the planet that sent the Time Traveler to Earth, returns years later and transports the Time Traveler aboard his space vessel, he is baffled by these unbelievable stories. During his journey through life on Earth, the Time Traveler was always confronted with death and dying. He has experienced the depths of human sufferance, and there are no great stories of glory to be told.

The Time Traveler questions man's existence on Earth and explores three temptations that have led to his failure here.

Madonna and his council must decide the fate of the Time Traveler. Will he return to Earth and fulfill his destiny or return to Alexis with Madonna?

These are the Time Traveler's thrilling stories of the past, chilling stories of the present, and shocking stories of the future.

About the Author

Ray Foster was born and raised in Alabama. He attended Ivy Technical College in Indiana before entering the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Honorably discharged, he returned to Indiana and served in the Army Reserve while completing a degree in business management technology. Continuing his education, he also earned a pre-law and English degree. He was employed as a professional writer in Dallas before returning to Michigan, where he taught school for several years, including adult education in a correctional facility. Afterward, he moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to work in corporate industry. There he also completed the manuscript Death, Dying, and the Time Traveler. He has since returned to Alabama, where he presently resides in retirement.

(2013, paperback, 136 pages)