Death of a Democracy

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Death of a Democracy
Ben Wilmoth

Death of a Democracy is a fiction story about the downfall of the United States Government due to the widespread corruption of some elected officials and other government employees. This leads to an all-out rebellion and to a failed democracy. People are angry with Wall Street, banks, and lending institutions for allowing stated income loans and putting borrowers in the position of not being able to make their mortgage payments and then foreclosing on them causing them to lose their homes. Further, the banks refusing to modify the bad loans caused rioting and occupying of financial districts across the nation.

About the Author

Ben Wilmoth is a veteran of the United States Navy. He has traveled all around the world and had the opportunity to meet people from foreign lands. He learned much about their beliefs and culture. Wilmoth believes that it is important for the United Sates, as a leader, to understand and respect the beliefs of other people from other lands. If we learn to do this, he feels that we could achieve real peace on this earth.

Wilmoth has been an engineering contractor and real estate broker and knows the ends and outs of running a business.

The author hopes this story will be thought provoking in a constructive manner and will guide others in the right direction.

(2013, paperback, 50 pages)