Deep/Thoughts Poetry


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Deep/Thoughts Poetry
by Terrisa Watkins

Deep/Thoughts Poetry is a book expressing the thoughts, and deep things of our everyday lives. This book goes into every area of your life and makes one take notice of how blessed they really are. Deep/Thoughts Poetry allows the reader to actually step inside the book, to feel and to see. You will feel as if you have been there, and you will say, Ive been there before. Deep/Thoughts Poetry tells about the things of God that people overlook on a daily basis. It also talks about imaginary things, if the world was made differently. This book helps you to see things that you have never paid attention to, hear things that you have never heard, and to feel what youve never felt. The people in Deep/Thoughts Poetry touches the heart of a child, while touching the heart of teens, and the aged, so step inside the book Deep/Thoughts Poetry.

About the Author

Terrisa Watkins was born in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. She was touched by God at the tender age of five. At the age of sixteen she was filled with the Holy Spirit, and became an effective witness for the Lord. She was called and anointed by God to be an Evangelist, and is a highly motivated speaker. Lives have been changed, souls have been saved, and bowed down heads have been lifted through her ministry. Terrisa has preached in various cities and states and continues to evangelize and write about real life issues. She is a full-time Evangelist, and a Sunday school teacher at the Greater Pentecostal Church of God under the leadership of Bishop Terrence E. Coleman, D. D.

(2010, paperback, 104 pages)