Define the Problem: Thinking About Your Thinking

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Define the Problem: Thinking About Your Thinking
by Marietjie de Klerk

Ms. de Klerk shows a genuine attempt to share her insight for the greater purpose of helping people to know themselves and to effectively recognize, define, and solve their life problems. Her references to everyday, real-life situations from her experience, as well as from what she has observed in her professional life, make the material authentic, relevant, and accessible to readers. Her frequent references to the work of other writers in this field lend authority to her writing, and her citation of examples from history and religious thought give her writing breadth and depth.

Avrille du Plessis
Senior Editor
Macmillan Publishers

About the Author

Author Marietjie de Klerk has been involved with education all her life. She studied at various institutions in South Africa as well as in the United Kingdom. It was when doing her master thesis that she came to realize that people are not born critical thinkers, which she believes is important for understanding and solving lifes problems. Through her studies, she also came to realize that few of us realize the external and internal factors that shape the way we think and act. She not only wanted to write a book to make these issues clear to ordinary people but also to show how other well-known concepts are related and their influence on our lives, e.g., motivation, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, positive thinking, religion, etc.

(2011, paperback, 134 pages)