Desert Beauty

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Desert Beauty
by Evelyn Fern

In the northwest corner of New Mexico sits a kiva. Abandoned for centuries, this kiva had been left unmanaged as it was thought to have been excavated by the tribal governments.

When the ancient ceremonial site is discovered, Demitrias La Capris is one of the young archeologists hired to identify the ancient remains in the kiva. In the heart of the southwest, lonely Demitrias is swept off her feet by Emilio Gabriel, a wealthy and handsome cattle rancher. After a whirlwind romance, they marry.

The local tribal council sends in one of their own authorities to oversee the inspection of the kiva. Michael Proud Eagle is a hero to his people, fighting to preserve the old ways. When Michael meets Demitrias he is drawn to her, in more ways than one. Their work becomes entangled with their personal lives. Demeitrias becomes caught in the middle between her deceiving husband and the love she has found with Proud Eagle.

In a tri-culture battle for tradition and revenge, the true hero is the one who fights for what is right in a world of greed and jealousy.

Desert Beauty will take you on a journey throughout the Southwest.

About the Author:

Evelyn Fern was born and raised on the border of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. She has lived in tri-culture society all her life. She has always held a fascination for the history of the southwest Native Americans. As a science teacher, she has spent all her summers traveling throughout New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado visiting kivas and Indian reservations. She is a collector of Native American art and artifacts.

(2016, Paperback, 216 pages)