Diary of Life

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Diary of Life
by Shotkenna Galloway

I was inspired to write this book when I became a mother and realized that it was time to start telling my story about everything that I went through and what I go through every day and to share with people my struggle and how I made it out the desert into survival. My boys mean so much to me and when I look at them it makes me wonder, if I would have been out on the streets and not caring about myself, they wouldnt even be here. Im so glad that my mother, Gwendolyn Galloway, stayed on my back to make sure I didnt make the same mistakes as she did and I will always thank her for that.

I was born March 5, 1985, in Columbus, Ohio, at Ohio State University, Home of the Buckeyes, to the parents of Gwendolyn Sue Galloway and Claude Galloway. Im 31 years old and have 3 boys and Im so grateful to be their mother and be a part of their moments in life, because nothing is greater than been a good mother and raising your children the right way. Im also thankful for the man that was placed in my life besides God, Mr. Sizemore Sr., who will always have my heart, body, and soul. I want to thank him so much for always been there, supporting me through anything I was putting my mind to all these years, even if it wasnt what I was wanting to do, he still stood by me and gave me that helping hand. I love you so much and you are my king. Thank you.

Sincerely, Shotkenna Galloway

I hope everyone enjoys my Diary of Life book. Its just the beginning of my journey.

(2016, Paperback, 50 pages)