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by Ana Karolina Sousa

What would you do if you were the only person alive who was able to connect to the power of the universe and use it for your own needs? Pretty cool, huh?

Selena Winters is just another teenager living her life when she meets a new student named John who quickly exposes the vampire lifestyle to her. All too soon, Selena discovers that amidst her times protecting those abused by the rich, she has been chosen to fulfill a vampire prophecy. Does she choose her vampire lover, or her beloved Guardians?

Who is Selena Winters? Shes the criminal thats got style and the girl youll never forget! Vampires with deadly prophecies, angels that murmur things along the chill of the wind, fast cars and loads of action, author Ana Karolina Sousa captivates the ultimate teenage hero in her first novel of the series, Differ.

About the Author

Author Ana Karolina Sousa is just fifteen-years-old and already writing novels for her peers to enjoy. She currently lives in New Jersey and is working her way to college. She wrote Differ to pique the interest of teenagers with nonstop breathtaking vampire action mixed with suspenseful street battles.

(2012, paperback, 282 pages)