Do You Really Want to Be Healed?: A Compelling Chronicle of Medical Missionary Work in India

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9816-0
by Larry R. Gettman "In these days of globalization, instant communication, and ready availability of goods, we forget that fifty years ago life could be very difficult, especially in remote places. Contrary to many of those returning from World War II, Wayne Wertz, surgeon and member of of what is called the greatest generation, did not opt for the affluence and comfort of a new home in the suburbs. Instead , he chose to become a missionary, making do in a Spartan hospital in northern India. Our current generation needs heroic examples, like Wayne and LeAnn, to teach us about dedicated service to others in the name of Christ." Douglas Priest, General Director CMF International, Indianapolis, Indiana "Dr. Wayne Wertz became one of my heroes when I first began to follow his adventures as a missionary doctor in the mid-1960's. In these pages you'll see why this brilliant young surgeon, with a passion for serving God and his adopted Indian people, has held my attention and admiration ever since. Through his newsletters and journal,Dr. Wertz vividly illustrates his discovery that the life of a medical missionary is not simple or restful; it is complex and exhausting... but it is also fascinating and inspiring." Dr. LeRoy Lawson, International Consult CMF International, Indianapolis, Indiana "In this interesting but heartbreaking story of a missionary doctor in India, the reader is allowed to experience both the joy of people being healed by the love of a man dedicated to the medical proffesion and the pain of rejection and indifference felt by Dr. Wertz as he carried out his services of physical and spiritual healing. This biography is a beautiful example of how a servant of God can become the presence of Christ in difficult areas of our world. The book enables us to see the resistance of entrenched persons and systems that hinder evangelism while happily recieving medical care from expert doctors. Perhaps in reading the story, we can acknowledge the disease of our own self-interest right here in America. In the process, we can find a new oppertunity and desire for our own self-healing." Dr. Larry Hostetler, Senior Minister Chaparral Christian Church, Scottsdale,Arizona ABOUT THE AUTHOR Larry R. Gettman holds a PhD in health education and research. He loves to write biographies about interesting people who share their ideas and issues that help others grow in their own understanding of themselves and the world around them. He lives with his wife Sharon in Scottsdale, Arizona. (2005, paperback, 136 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.