Does God Forbid Intermarriage - Will A Jew Marry a Christian?

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Does God Forbid Intermarriage - Will A Jew Marry a Christian?
by Stephen Obeki Obeki and Ifeyinwa Roseline Obeki

The human society has suffered agitation and confusion right from its building blocks. Marriage and the family, and thus society, is in a constant state of turmoil, disagreement and confusion. But there is the need to secure knowledge and justification that will provide a steady state of quietness, agreement and peace. This book is an attempt at providing this knowledge and justification.

The Authors met at university and fell in love. But they were kept in a state of confusion, not knowing whether to choose love or reject intermarriage. The Authors eventually chose love and were intermarried according to the Christian faith. Does God forbid intermarriage? Have the authors married in error?

Whether you answer YES or NO, if you dare to go through this book you will be imbued with the knowledge and ability to redefine or consolidate your views about society, love, religious bigotry, fanaticism, racial discrimination, cultural differences, intermarriages, marriage failures, globalization, and world peace.

About the Author

Stephen Obeki Obeki and Ifeyinwa Roseline Obeki are husband and wife, Christians, from the Isoko and Igbo ethnic groups in Nigeria, respectively. They met at the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria in 1993, courted for six years and eventually married in 1999. Going by the high level of family and parental objection they went through during their courtship period, they decided to examine the issue of intermarriages after the birth of their second child in a bid to discover what problems and prospects are associated with it and why the Jews and some other ethnic and religious groups still forbid it. They conducted in-depth research across ethnic, religious, tribal, denominational and racial boundaries over a period of seven years to be able to put this book together.

(2012, paperback, 72 pages)