Don't Want to Shine: Part I

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Don't Want to Shine
by Antonio Cancino Teran

This book has a Boy in his life about good again. Its good, the book, about the Boy. He gets a girl. A good one. Fine. Some story. Has a trip in it to tell some life away from, a life away that is off. Of from the way, well the Boy has an off from that so a no go to that other off. A type a talk you will read that is different to, along the way from the Boys life in the story. Almost like the writer, but the writer is in charge. The writer. The other life to live in the story. The off life. Well not so good. But its a story to read.

Antonio Cancino Teran is escaping. He has here a book no one else has. What else to tell you about him?

Antonio is a nice, good looking, a person that is fair. As go, a life he has. A good one. As go meaning as Antonio goes in his life. In control of his life type of person.

(2013, paperback, 94 pages)